A father dances and laughs with his young daughter.


Parenting is a tough job. Long-term stress — caused by demanding jobs or situations such as military deployment — creates unique challenges for parents and their children. The ADAPT™ program is an evidence-based parenting model giving parents tools to be their children’s best teachers, reduce stressors, and improve family and individual wellness.

Evidence-Based / Proven

Evidence-Based / Proven

Designed and developed by University of Minnesota researchers, the ADAPT™ program has been tested and proven effective through rigorous research studies.

Our studies to date have involved hundreds of active duty military, Guard, and Reserve members and veterans across multiple service disciplines. Newly funded research focuses on healthcare professionals facing COVID-19. Each study evaluates parenting tools with the goal of addressing families’ unique stressors and creating positive outcomes.

ADAPT™ Testimonials

Our family has really thrived because of ADAPT™ modules; it has increased our awareness of our parenting strengths and weaknesses. Our communication is better and we are more thoughtful of our actions and behaviors.
The ADAPT™ program helped me realize I didn’t have to be the perfect mother, and they gave me the tools to definitely be a more successful one.
I found that when my home life was good, that I could do anything, and that my anxieties went down. This program turned my life around 180 degrees.