Program Overview

An adult's feet in military boots and camouflage pants, with two small child's feet standing on top of the boots.

ADAPT™ is an evidence-based parent coaching program teaching families with school-aged children positive parenting techniques. Key parenting skills taught include encouragement, limit setting, monitoring, problem solving, and positive involvement.

Included in ADAPT™ is a focus on mindfulness and emotional socialization to strengthen stressed parents’ capacities to regulate their emotions and be more effective with their children.

More than a course, ADAPT™ is a behavioral intervention program where participants learn, practice, use, and retain positive parenting techniques and tools.

ADAPT™ Outcomes

A mother crouches to talk to young child, both smiling.

ADAPT™ Outcomes

Program outcomes include:

  • Improved observed parenting
  • Improved self-efficacy (feeling more able to positively influence your child’s behavior)
  • Reduction in children’s negative behavior, emotional problems, and peer problems
  • Reductions in parent’s depression, PTSD symptoms, and suicidal thoughts

Parents completing the program report:

  • Parents become their children’s best teachers/role models
  • Family chaos/stress is reduced
  • Family/individual well-being is improved

ADAPT™ Delivery

ADAPT™ program delivery is customized to meet the needs of each organization. Program components include online courses, multiple group session options, online coaching, and other support initiatives. Working closely with your organization, we create and execute a solution delivering ADAPT™ to your employees or the people you serve.

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